9th December 2021

Pumpkin Powder

An year-round superfood

The fall season is the reason to make and consume all things pumpkin, or so the saying goes. But, in reality, pumpkins aren't just a delicacy for the colder months of the year; instead, they can be consumed daily, and they should be.

Beyond the pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin bread/cheesecakes, lies a superfood like no other. This delicious fruit is actually chock-full of essential nutrients, leading many health professionals to recommend at least a quarter cup of pumpkins a day.

But, we get it, having to prepare pumpkins every day is a time-consuming affair, something most of us don't have time for. This is where pumpkin powder comes in.

Why a Powder?

Why not a powder? Carrying the same sweet flavour and nutrients as the high-quality Sri Lankan pumpkin we source it from, the powder adds a whole new level of convenience to this superfood.

Unlike artificial food powders, pumpkin powder only contains freshly harvested, dehydrated, and finely ground Sri Lankan pumpkins, without any added preservatives or flavouring.

As a powder, this pumpkin food solution can easily be incorporated into every meal, ranging from your morning bowl of oats to your protein shake post-workout. The powder was made for your day-to-day consumption, giving you easy access to the taste and nutrition of Sri Lankan pumpkins.

The benefits don't stop there either, having been finely ground, pumpkin powder also gives convenience to your digestive system. Because of its superfine particle size, the powder is easier to digest and promotes better absorption of its nutrients. It essentially allows us to realize the full utilization of pumpkins.

Is it healthy?

Mighty yet humble, pumpkin powder has shown to be rich in nutrients and possesses a host of health benefits ranging from immunity boosting to aiding in Cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Moreover, the abundance of Vitamin A, Vitamine E, B Vitamins, Iron, Potassium, and Folate, gives you the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals needed for the day.

Aside from its high vitamin and mineral count, Sri Lankan pumpkin powder is also high in proteins, carbohydrates, and low in calories, with only 49 calories per 100gs, making it a staple in the lives of many professional athletes around the world.

And, the daily intake of high-quality Sri Lankan pumpkins used in pumpkin powder has been shown to promote the health of the entire body, including eyes, gut, skin, and metabolic health, while also helping prevent certain types of cancer through its antioxidant properties.

Why Sri Lankan Pumpkins?

The pumpkin quality is everything when making a Pumpkin Powder, and there's no place better to find quality pumpkins than Sri Lanka. Unlike its yellow-skinned cousins, the Sri Lankan pumpkin is a smaller yet far more nutritious species.

Besides pleasuring the palate, these pumpkins harbour intriguing riches which are otherwise absent in other species. By sourcing pumpkin powder from these high-quality Sri Lankan pumpkins, we also get the health benefits unique to them.

In addition to the nutrients present in all pumpkins, Sri Lankan pumpkins host a higher density of minerals such as alpha and beta carotene that are known for boosting our heart, vision, and skin health.

Moreover, unlike other species, Sri Lankan pumpkins are available all year round, thanks to the tropical climate in which they thrive. This allows for an uninterrupted supply of high-quality pumpkin powder, giving you the chance to enjoy this superfood daily.

A global trend

Just like with most things, the popularity of Sri Lankan pumpkin powder started off as a trend. However, unlike most modern trends, this one is aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle.

The growing demand for this superfood was rooted in the fact that it allowed us to be health conscious while also letting us enjoy our meals. Over the years this demand has continued to grow, thanks to pumpkin flavours being added to most cooked/baked goods and beverages; but nothing could rival the nutrition and taste of an authentic Sri Lankan pumpkin.

Soon we saw Sri Lankan pumpkins making their way into major food-related holidays such as Christmas and Easter, while also being adopted by major beverage/coffee companies. And the trend is still going strong.

At Eiger, we decided to address this demand with our very own high-quality Pumpkin Powder, one that would conveniently bring the nutrition and taste of Sri Lankan pumpkins to your dinner table. The convenience we've built into this food solution makes it so that the powder can be used in any dish or beverage, without having to compromise on the flavour.