15th December 2021

Cinnamon Powder

A true Sri Lankan heritage

There are few spices that we rely on as heavily as we do Cinnamon. Unique in both aroma and taste, we tend to use this spice in everything from apple pie to French toast.

This globally recognized spice is however underrated, especially when we look at the host of health benefits a daily cup of cinnamon can have on our bodies. Aside from its earthy, sweet and savory taste, cinnamon is known for its high nutritional content, which includes antioxidants essential for the body.

This isn't a new finding either. For millennia doctors around the world have recommended cinnamon as a prevention for several diseases, making it the first-ever superfood.

Historical context

Yes, you heard us right, we said millennia. Cinnamon has globally been found for more than 4,000 years, from the corners of Africa to the far East of Asia.

Historical records show that cinnamon was first found in Sri Lanka and traded through Arab traders. Due to it only being found in Sri Lanka at the time, cinnamon was a rare treasure often valued above gold in the ancient kingdoms of Egypt and China.

High-quality Sri Lankan cinnamon was even gifted to kings and used widely as a cure for conditions such as coughing, arthritis, and sore throats; which we now know was just the tip of the ice-berg. Due to all these benefits, soon the popularity of Sri Lankan cinnamon grew and continues to grow.

Why Sri Lankan Cinnamon?

Despite having originated in the country, Sri Lankan Cinnamon, also known as Ceylon Cinnamon, remains well ahead of other species as the highest quality cinnamon.

Made from the bark of the cinnamon tree, Sri Lankan farmers take great care when raising the trees and harvesting them. The hours of dedicated work put into preparing high-quality cinnamon, adds more to the value of Sri Lankan Cinnamon.

This species boasts a higher nutrient count and a better taste, creating a higher demand for it in the global market as a super-spice. This has given Sri Lankan Cinnamon the title of "Real Cinnamon".

Sri Lankan Cinnamon is known to taste more delicate, citrousy, and sweeter with nuanced notes of clove, making it an excellent flavor profile for pastries, cakes and desserts. The citrous tones exclusive to Sri Lankan Cinnamon make it a natural flavour supplement for our savory dishes and beverages.

This species also has a minimal amount of coumarin, which is known for having health side effects. Coumarin in other species of cinnamon is high, leading to daily use causing health problems.

Sri Lankan Cinnamon is even known for being more aromatic, allowing you to expand the eating experience.

How healthy is it?

Even among superfoods, Sri Lankan Cinnamon Powder is known as a class of its own, having a higher level of antioxidants, like polyphenols, than the likes of garlic and oregano. These antioxidants can protect our bodies from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

These same antioxidants also have anti-inflammatory properties, allowing them to protect your body against various infections and repair tissue damage. This has allowed the daily intake of Sri Lankan Cinnamon Powder to defend us against diseases such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and even certain types of cancer.

Other benefits of Sri Lankan Cinnamon Powder also include reduced levels of total cholesterol, as it has fewer "bad" LDL cholesterol and an appropriate amount of “good” HDL cholesterol.

It is even used to make cosmetic scrubs, as the nutrients in it promotes our skin health.

Why a Powder?

While essential, incorporating cinnamon into your daily diet isn't easy. Cinnamon often needs to be ground into a fine powder before being put in food, and if not ground properly can impact the food`s texture.

Powdered cinnamon is the answer to this, as it carries the same taste and nutrients of the cinnamon stick, while also adding an element of convenience to it. Now, a sprinkle of delicious Sri Lankan Cinnamon Powder can easily be added to your breakfast cereal, curry, or tea, covering your body's daily requirement of cinnamon.

Due to it being finely ground, Sri Lankan Cinnamon Powder also has an easier time being digested, with its nutrients being absorbed faster into the bloodstream.

Seeing this, we at Eiger introduced our very own high-quality Cinnamon Powder, which would conveniently bring the nutrition and taste of Sri Lankan Cinnamon to your dinner table. The convenience we've built into this food solution makes it so that the powder can be used in any dish or beverage, without having to compromise on the flavour.