17th December 2021

Jackfruit Powder

A global sensation

Anyone who says that good things come in small packages has clearly never eaten a jackfruit. Hailing from South Asia, this gigantic fruit is not only delicious but also healthy, making it a certified superfood.

A Jack of all trades, every part of the fruit, from its seeds to flesh, is edible and packed full of nutrients. This has globally earned it the title of being an "intelligent fruit", leading nutritionists and dietitians the world over to recommend its intake daily.

This superfood has also quickly become a star in the world of vegan cuisine, and for good reason. Once cooked, this savory fruit’s fibrous texture and flavour make for a perfect meat alternative.

A Global Trend

Unlike most superfoods, jackfruit only recently started trending after internationally being recognized for its nutrient content. Due to its rarity, and strong but sweet taste, the fruit went viral on social media as a possible long-term meat substitute, with almost triple the nutritional value. Soon, famous burger restaurants across the world began adding jackfruit burgers into their menus, and many people replaced chicken in their BBQs with jackfruit flesh.

Moreover, its ripened form was creating its own trend thanks to its sweet taste, making it perfect for desserts. We could easily turn jackfruit into sweet-tasting ice cream without having to add sugar or can even eat it raw.

This kind of versatility and health benefits, had jackfruit trending on social media with many making jackfruit a staple in their diet, consuming it a different way each day. However, the high popularity soon led to a demand for high-quality jackfruit species.

It was soon obvious that only one species catered to this demand, the Sri Lankan Jackfruit.

Why Sri Lankan Jackfruit?

As we mentioned earlier, jackfruits are extremely rare, only hailing from a few corners of Asia including Sri Lanka. This already made Sri Lankan Jackfruit a major source of jackfruit to the world market.

Its rarity aside, Sri Lankan Jackfruit also has a higher nutritional content, quality, and a more sweetened taste than the rest of the species. All of this has to do with the tropical climate and the soil contents within the country, which provide the perfect environment to grow high-quality jackfruits.

The sweetened taste of Sri Lankan Jackfruit made it an alternative to sugar, with most of the healthy sweeteners we use containing traces of the superfood. The high fibre content also gave it a more meat-like flavour, making it a better substitute for burger patties and chicken.

The overall availability of Sri Lankan Jackfruit was another plus in its corner. The country's consistent tropical climate made it so that jackfruits could be grown year-round, ensuring that our demands for healthier living are met uninterrupted.

How Healthy is it?

Sri Lankan Jackfruits are a nutritional powerhouse, which is brimming with all major and micro-nutrients. It even boasts higher levels of vitamins and minerals than other superfoods like apricots, bananas, and avocados.

We can easily find nutrients such as fibre, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, riboflavin, magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese in Sri Lankan Jackfruits. This superfood is also a rich source of beneficial antioxidants that are essential for reducing damage caused by free radicals in our bodies and offering us protection from diseases that include certain types of cancer.

Doctors in South Asia have long used Sri Lankan Jackfruit to help with blood sugar management, having a low glycemic index that helps prevent sugar levels in your bloodstream from shooting up. All of this makes it a perfect option for diabetics.

Other health properties of the fruit include control of blood pressure through potassium, a boost in our immunity through Vitamins A and C, and overall promotion of skin health.

Why a Powder?

While definitely a superfood, incorporating Sri Lankan Jackfruit into a daily diet is not easy. The fruit is massive, smelly, spiky, and very sticky, making their preparation a nightmare.

Powdered Sri Lankan Jackfruit is the answer to this, as it carries the same taste and nutrients of the fruit, while also adding an element of convenience to it. Now, a sprinkle of delicious Sri Lankan Jackfruit Powder can easily be added to any of your dishes or used as a healthier sugar alternative, covering your body's daily requirement of jackfruit.

Due to it being finely ground, Sri Lankan Jackfruit Powder also has an easier time being digested, with its nutrients being absorbed faster into the bloodstream.

Seeing this, we at Eiger introduced our very own high-quality jackfruit Powder, which would conveniently bring the nutrition and taste of Sri Lankan Jackfruit to your dinner table. The convenience we've built into this food solution makes it so that the powder can be used in any dish or beverage, without having to compromise on the flavour.