23rd December 2020

Relaunching of logo

Eiger Holdings, which has become a name synonymous with premium food and ingredients, recently relaunched with a new logo to reflect the new segments it will include in its expanding portfolio this year. The company will focus on a wide range of specialized products for food manufacturers, hotels, restaurants and consumers, with a commitment to premium quality and excellent customer service.

Keeping with this vision, the company partnered with leading international food manufacturers, such as Aviko and Elle & Vire, to offer the HoReCa and food service industries as well as household consumers a variety of snacks, appetizers, light meals and dairy-based creams and desserts. These products have been crafted with European expertise, using ingredients that are high in quality and taste. Frozen and chilled to ensure freshness, they offer ease and convenience to cooks at restaurants or homes.

The company also launched its own brand, Diletta, a range of ready-to-eat foods, this year. Prepared in the company’s local plant using locally-sourced ingredients, these products, which include much-loved classics such as Sri Lankan polos curry and Chinese chilli paste, are aimed at making home cooking easier, tastier and more fun. Other products in this new range include chutneys, pickles and desserts.

With the launch of its new website and channels on Facebook and Instagram, the company also hopes to reach customers directly, offering detailed information on all products and services and an online shop. It offers door-to-door delivery and one-call-away service to the HoReCa industry, offering ease of mind to customers. Consumers will also be able to purchase their favourite snacks and desserts online.

Eiger has always aimed at inspiring food solutions for the foodservice industry, but under this new direction, it hopes to reach a wider base of customers, delighting them with only the finest foods and ensuring quality, convenience and a great dining experience.