About Us

Eiger, a promise in quality

Starting our journey in 2015, Eiger Holdings has always been a strong believer in quality. Our first year in the Sri Lankan food industry showed us the global need for good quality ingredients, which would add to the flavour of our food while also positively impacting the health of our consumers.

This gap together with the many shortcomings we witnessed, in terms of other distributors not honouring commitments, and following unethical practices, pushed us to find a solution. We took it upon ourselves to utilize our strengths, becoming an agile and innovative food solutions provider in the industry.

Our export journey began shortly after we cornered the Sri Lankan market, we further perfected the quality of our products and worked hard to add assurance to our customers` needs. This high level of quality and assurance earned us the trust of our customers, which still continues to grow.

First launching in 2019, our exports have grown to include high-quality, healthy foods which include superfoods, spices, herbs, dehydrated and in brine products.

Over the years we have consciously made an effort to expand on our quality, sourcing our raw materials from the best Sri Lankan manufacturers. As such, we have tracked down the finest flavours in Sri Lanka, and introduced them to the global market, sharing in the country's heritage of being the flavour capital of the world.

Throughout our journey, we have continued to add value to our products, each time introducing innovative and healthier options to our customers. Our approach to elevate the daily lives of people around the world through these healthy foods have earned us certifications from the highest relevant authorities.

Putting quality over quantity, our exports have achieved the highest level of quality when it comes to both organic and inorganic foods.